Past Conferences

Presentations given at past conferences are listed below, along with a link to view the presentations.

Tech 2018

2018 Conference Schedule

2018 Conference Photo Gallery

Day 1 – February 26, 2018

EPA Region 7 Air & Waste Management Division Update – Becky Weber

Kansas Waste Program Update – Bill Bider

The State of Missouri’s Natural Resources, Carol S. Comer

Air Roundtable

No presentations

Waste Roundtable

EPA: New Generator Rule, eManifest and Coal Combustion Residual – Mary Goetz

Kansas Waste Program Update, Bill Bider

Day 2 – February 27, 2018

Morning Keynote: Environmental Security, Climate Change & the Future of the Environmental Profession – Dr. W. Chris King, Brigadier General United States Army (retired)

Air Presentations

Evaluating and Controlling Landfill Odors and Other Advancements in Landfill Technologies – Lindsay James & Austin Quick, Blackstone Environmental

Modeled Emission Rates for Precursors (MERPs) – Emily Robins, Burns & McDonnell

Air Quality Model Validation Study – Joseph Stolle and Wendy Vit, GeoEngineers, Inc.

Refrigerant Rule Update – Nancy Liang, Trinity Consultants

Maintaining Continuous Compliance with Air Quality Regulations – Steven Babler & Taylor Dunworth, POWER Engineers

KC-TRAQS – KCK-Neighborhood Air Quality Study – Cody Brown, EPA Region 7

Waste Presentations

Remediation of BTEX in Shallow, Silty Clay Soil – Successes and Insights – Brian Symons, Foth

Multi-Site Performance Review of Liquid Activated Carbon for Groundwater Treatment – Carlos Ortiz, REGENESIS

Case Study: Investigation of Chlorinated Solvent Impact in a Drinking Water Aquifer – Rachel Dercher, Environmental Works, Inc.

Bioremediation Using Emulsified Vegetable Oil – How Long Does It Really Last? – Mike Sieczowski, JRW Bioremediation

2017 Iowa Statewide Waste Characterization – Christine Collier, SCS Engineers

Sustainable Landfill Covers – Mike Kukuk, Blackstone Environmental and Charlie Sedlock, Hamm

Hot Topics

Wastewater Reuse in Combined Cycle Power Plants – Ben Pakzadeh, Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc.

Emerging Contaminants Update: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) – Brian Hoye, Burns & McDonnell

Current Regulatory Trends in the Midwest – Jim Price, Spencer Fane LLP

The Growing Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/Drones and the Environment – Kelly Daly, Stinson Leonard Street

Supporting Environmental Permitting with Public Involvement – Chris Deffenbaugh, Burns & McDonnell you’ve got recycling questions, we’ve got the answers – Matt Riggs, MARC

Tech 2016
CC3_2015 Final Twin Creeks CTP Presentation 2-24-16

CC2_AWMA resilient community

AWMA Evolution Brownfields SCS Dzialowski 2016

AWMA Redev Brownfields Gen Overview City_KCMO Bracker 2016

AWMA Pipeline Issues Env damage TRC Drake 2016

CC2_Climate Change Resources AWMA Presentation February 2016

Air 2nd Session – Oil & Gas Industry Air Regulation Update – Kelli Calhoun – 2-24-16-cleaned

AWMA Keynote Legal Update EPA Cozad 2016

CC3_Myslivy Water and Energy Progress 022416

AWMA 3D Model contam sites Ramboll

Air 2nd Session – Oil & Gas Industry Air Regulation Update – Kelli Calhoun – 2-24-16-cleaned-min

AWMA Pipeline Issues Env damage TRC Drake 2016-min

AWMA Keynote Legal Update EPA Cozad 2016-min

CC2_Climate Change Resources AWMA Presentation February 2016-min

CC2_Climate Change Resources AWMA Presentation February 2016-min

Kansas Waste Management Update, Bill Bider

EPA – RCRA Highlights, Deborah Bredehoft

Missouri Hazardous Waste Program Regulatory Update, David Lamb

WW2_Kansas Underground Injection Control Program & Induced Seismicity

WW2_Effluent Limitation Guidelines for Power Plants – Pakzadeh

WW2_Contaminant Degradation and Forensics Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis Peacock_Presentation_AWMA

CC3_Heartland Conservation Alliance_General Presentation_ Feb 2016

AWMA NSPS for Landfills SCS Taylor 2016

AWMA KS Environment KDHE Mitchell 2016

AWMA Keynote Fed Sustainability GSA Klumb 2016

AWMA Keynote Envl Trends Region7 EPA Smith 2016

AWMA Conference Flyer 2016

AWMA Brownfields EPA Klein 2016

Air Roundtable Tom Gross – KDHE – 2-23-16-cleaned

Air Roundtable – Kyra Moore – MDNR – 2-23-16-cleaned

Air 3rd Session – NAAQS Updates – Mike Jay – 2-24-16-cleaned

Air 3rd Session – Common Compliance Violations – Jennifer Nichols – 2-24-16-cleaned

Air 3rd Session – Air Quality Inspection Procedure -David Butler 2-24-16-cleaned

Air 3rd Session – Air Modeling Update -Minda Nelson – 2-24-16-cleaned

Air 2nd Session – Portable Analyzers -Tom Graham 2-24-16-cleaned

Air 2nd Session – Engine Rules and Lessons Learned – Kristen Chrislip 2-24-16-cleaned

Air 1st Session – Clean Power Plan Overview – Stacy Stotts – 2-24-16-cleaned